Nursery Reveal

It’s been soooo long since I last posted, but we finally got our nursery finished last week and I got Tyson to take pictures for me.  I was worried that it would turn out how I didn’t want it and I’d hate it. Just the opposite happened and I love it!!!!  I found a lot of my ideas on pinterest see here, although I tweaked some of them to make them my own.  When I was thinking of a theme for the room I thought of doing some sort of animal like maybe an owl, but decided against it because they freak Tyson out :).  Instead I wanted to do my design around color.  I didn’t want to go with the traditional pink for the room so I decided on gray and yellow with some white and black mixed in.

So, originally we were going to use my mom’s old crib that way we’d save a lot of money because cribs can be super pricey.  Tyson’s parents always have bought a crib for each of their children for their first baby.  I wasn’t expecting that to happen so we shopped and shopped for the perfect crib. and this is the one we picked and we love it.  Since the nursery is so small, we thought of getting a mini crib (which basically it is about a foot shorter in length and 6 inches shorter in depth).  But we decided that we won’t be here forever and got the regular sized crib, and it fits perfectly in the room.  Also, the skirt and the sheets are custom, made by me.  I’m actually surprised that it turned out as well as it did.

This is a built in dresser/shelves that I decorated.  The white boxes came from Ikea, the bottles I got from DI and I painted the inside of them yellow so the outside would still be shiny.  I made the flower on the canvas and the bow holder.  The bow holder is made out of a oatmeal container with fabric glued around it.

I decided on a rocking chair from Ikea, I wanted to keep it simple looking yet more modern and I knew I couldn’t get one of those big cushy chairs because it’d take up too much space.  This rocker is very comfortable and since quiting my job sometimes Tyson will come home from work and find me in there rocking because I like it so much.  I was so so so lucky to have found this lamp with this particular shade that came with it.  I looked and looked for a shade that that would go well with the room and I couldn’t find one. One weekend we were passing through Ogden and we decided to stop at Gordmans and we found this lamp on sale for half off!!!  You can’t see the table very well, but I found that at TJ Maxx for $30 and I found it online later for $50!!

_MG_0264I found this fabulous frame at work and my boss let me take it for free!!!  I had been looking for a large frame that had some details on it, but I’d looked at places like Michaels and Hobby Lobby and their frames were about $50 or more.  So, when I found this at work and it was just sitting there on the floor, I thought it would be perfect, and it is!!!  I wanted it to be the statement piece of the room.

Nursery Ideas

I have been soooo stressed about the nursery the last month or so, just ask Tyson (:.  I think I’ve got it almost figured out exactly what I’m going to do in there.  We’ve (I’ve) picked the colors for the room, yellow and gray.  The paint color that we have picked is Sterling from Behr.  This week we plan on painting, hopefully it will happen.  We’ve got a few more things that need to be cleaned out in there and wipe all the walls and baseboards down.  I haven’t decided on the fabric just yet, I’ve looked everywhere in Logan, and haven’t found anything I love.  There is this fabric store that does have some really good choices though, so I may go there.  I’ve added a picture of what I want the ruffle skirt to look like, just different fabric.  I found a chair I love, it’s the Eames Rocking Chair, it is close to $600,and there’s no way that I could afford it.  I did find another on that is only $120, so much more reasonable.  I didn’t know if I wanted to trust overstock so I found another website that sells modern furniture and I found it at Rex Kelly Mid Century Classics, this one is only $150.  I read reviews on it, they all said that it’s a pretty uncomfortable chair and that it is very small, almost a child’s chair.  I’d heard of an Overstock Outlet store in SLC so we went and checked it out and I found a knockoff of the Eames Side Chair, that is similar, it just doesn’t rock.  I felt it and sat in it, and didn’t like it at all.  So, we decided that was definitely off our list.  Instead we are going to go with this Poang Rocking Chair.  There are a few options for colors on the cushion and the base, but we love it and it’s comfortable and contemporary enough for me.

On the largest wall in the nursery I’ve decided to buy a very large frame (if I can find one) and use just the frame and put either the baby’s name in it or a picture like the picture on the far left.  I don’t want too much going on in the room, so I’ll also use these wall flowers that I found at Bed Bath and Beyond.  The other wall is small and I’m planning on doing a couple of shelve with animals and pictures on them like the picture on the far right but instead of the mirror, I will use this felt flower on a fabric wrapped canvas I found on pinterest.

In the corner of the wall I’m thinking of doing these Pom Poms I also found on Pinterest.  There’s another wall in the Nursery that has the closet and a built in dresser and shelves.  And I found this really cool idea again on Pinterest that you basically take clear glass jars and pour some paint in them and let it dry it is very cool.  I found an online store that sells really cheap glass jars or I’ll just get them from Hobby Lobby, they also have some pretty cheap ones.

If anyone is interested I found a website that you can use as a space planner.  The The Make Room lets you put in the dimensions of your room and then you can put in furniture and other things.  I did that with the nursery because it is a very small room, only 8’ x 7’6”, you know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen it.  It’s only about big enough for a crib and a chair.  Luckily there is a built in dresser.  If anyone has any other ideas for my nursery, please let me know.  I would love to hear it.