7 Simple Cheats to Help Sell Your Home Faster

competition (2)I found a great staging site called Home Staging Resource.  I am re-blogging their post because they have really good information and beautiful photos.  You can find their post here.  Selling your home especially in a timely manner can be a long and difficult process.  Home Staging Resource has come up with 7 awesome ideas on how you can help sell your home faster.

If you’ve ever been in a home that has columns in it, you know that these columns can be in the way and it’s can be a challenge to decorate around them.  It’s very important that when you’re selling your home that you use furniture and accessories instead of selling it like the photo below…unfurnished, plain, and boring.  Let’s be honest for a minute, there are buyers that aren’t going to have an imagination of how they will put furnishings and accessories in the home if they were to buy it.  That’s why you have your home furnished, so potential buyers can see it’s “potential”.

Duane St. Entry Way Before

This room is large enough that they wouldn’t necessarily “need” to use a reflective surfaces.  Reflective surfaces could include: mirrors, tables with either a glass or mirrored top.  It could also include a shiny surface, this will help the room look larger and brighter.

Duane St - Entry Way After

Duane St. Sitting Area Kitchen

So, for this room, it is very important that they have created a groupings, you can barely notice the columns now with how well they have furnished the room.  Now it’s warm and inviting.

Duane St - Sitting Area 1 AfterDuane St - Alcove Before

If you have a room that is large or long and skinny, using furniture to separate the spaces is a great option, like using this bookcase to help create the illusion of 2 rooms.

Duane St - Alcove After
Duane St - Library Before

Make sure you’re considering scale when for example you are staging a large built in.  Make sure the built in isn’t looking weighed down on one side and the opposite on the other side.  Analogy, think if you put these items on an old school scale that moves up and down.  Make sure that the “weight” is even on both sides.  I love how they have used books for the functionality and lots of decorations.  Make sure not to let it clutter, less is more.

Duane St - Library AfterDuane St - Kitchen Before

I think in may last post I said something about having a spot-less kitchen, well in this case you may not want one.  You can see in the above photo that it is very boring and cold.  Below they have added a few pops of color and some interesting bar stools.

Duane St - Kitchen AfterDuane St - Kid Den Before

Using great art can help give the room some character, this room is especially hard because of the long walls.  Using large wall art can help make those long walls take up space.

Duane St - Kid Den AfterDuane St. Girls Room

Make sure you stage for your buyer demographic.

Duane St - Girl Bedroom AfterDuane St - Master Bedroom 1 Before

You definitely won’t want to leave the master bedroom unfurnished and un-staged.  This room is mostly neutral with whites and tan, but it is just the right amount of neutral that it’s not boring, it’s beautiful and who wouldn’t want to live here?
Duane St - Master Bedroom AfterDuane St - Master Bedroom 1 After
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