What is eDesign?


eDesign is an affordable online design service available to anyone.  Traditionally, designers would travel to a client’s home to ask specific questions about the client’s lifestyle and décor preferences to get a feel for the design as well as taking measurements and taking photos.  Weeks later the designer would come back to the clients home to propose the design, then would work with contractors and painters and purchase all the furniture and accessories.  This can be very time consuming for both the client and the designer and very expensive.

This is where eDesign comes in, everything is done electronically through email, this helps the process be very convenient for both the client and designer.   The client fills out a questionnaire, takes measurements, and photos and sends this all to the designer.  The designer takes the info, measurements, and photos and comes up with a custom design.  Once the design is sent to you, it’s up to you to purchase and install the design on your schedule.  eDesign makes hiring a professional interior designer a very affordable option.


eDesign is for clients that are looking for a great design, but doesn’t have the time or they’re not sure how to put pieces together.  It’s also for a client that needs the expert advice from a professional designer and doesn’t mind doing the labor for the design.  eDesign is great because it is completely flexible to fit the client’s needs.



You’ll start out filling out a questionnaire, taking photos of the existing room, taking measurements, and collecting inspiration images (if any) of the room you’d like designed.  This will give me a good idea of what style you’re looking for and what your needs are.


I’ll look everything over and come up with a custom design.  In about 1-2 weeks you’ll receive your design.


Time to go shopping and decorate!


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