Valentine’s Date Staples

Valentine FacebookValentine’s Day is literally right around the corner (tomorrow) and I’m excited for it.  I could go into a huge spiel about why, but I won’t (and it’s not what you’re thinking, I know your mind went right in the gutter) I’ll just say this much…I haven’t eaten a real meal in 10 days (more on that later).  I’m so excited because we’re getting sushi! and we don’t get it very often now that I don’t work full time and because Gretchen won’t eat it.

This post is about Valentine’s Date Night Staples, for all those of you staying home because you can’t get a babysitter (that includes me).  So, if you’re like me and just realized on Monday that it’s Valentine’s tomorrow, and you only know that because your husband asked you what you wanted for Valentine’s, you’re right there with me.  I’ve come up with a list that has got all the staples you’ll need for that special night (besides all the intimate stuff, you’re on your own).

The great thing about this list is that you can pretty much get everything at your local store, and it you aren’t close to the specified, you can most likely get a similar item at another store.  So, here we go…Untitled-1 copy

 | Chocolate Heart Coins found at World Market |
| White Chocolate and Strawberries Chocolate Bar found at World Market |
| Heart Champagne Flutes found at World Market (don’t forget the champagne or sparkling cider) |
| Roses found at Target (vase included) |
| Balloons found at Hobby Lobby |
| Chocolate Fondue Set found at Target |
| Heart Decorative Pillow found at Target |
| Love Luminaria Bags found at Target |
| Pink Peonies Decorative Pillow found at Target |
| Felt Heart Garland found at Target |

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I did add a few decorative items, that is just in case you haven’t done any decorating for the holiday and you want to.  I love the peony pillow, that particular flower has become a favorite of mine in the last couple of months because they are so pretty and bring so much color to a room and brightens it.

Have a fabulous weekend, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day.  See you all next week!


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