This Weeks Etsy Accessory Finds

If you’re looking for some unique and one of a kind accessories, Etsy is a great place to look.  Today I found some great finds on Etsy and I want to share them with you.

Etsy Facebook Post

I found these really cute recipe card holders.  The great thing about these is if you leave it out on your counter, it acts as a great accessory to your kitchen.  These can be found on Etsy HERE

I’ve become a sucker for floral patterns on anything and everything, and I found this fab pin board on Etsy today and it can be found HERE


I’ve noticed lately that so many people on Instagram take photos of coffee cups.  I’m not one to drink coffee, but I love a fun or cute mug.  I found these HERE.

Wall art prints are also really popular right now and why wouldn’t they, they can be so pretty and have uplifting words or graphics.

Found HERE:

Yet again I got sucked into the floral patterns, this one can be found HERE:

Feather Art can be found HERE:
Found HERE:
f you’re going to get a pin board, then I’m sure you’ll need some push pins to hold all your notes and photos on your board, you can find these HERE:
I found some fun graphic pillows that can be found HERE and HERE.

I LOVE this beautiful abstract print and I love that it has so much color because it could be used with so many different color schemes.  You can find it HERE.


Last but not least, I found some pretty envelopes and notepads that can be found HERE and HERE.


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