Tina’s Coral and Turquoise eDesign

Blog PostI worked on this design a couple of months ago and now I’m finally getting around to posting about it.  This one was fun to do because my client already have some really great contemporary pieces to work with.

My client, Tina, wanted a great design for her living room and eat in dining room.  She wanted these rooms to be a welcoming space for entertaining and comfortable for everyday living.  She wasn’t sure if she wanted to go modern or transitional and didn’t know if some of the pieces she had would work with what she was looking for.  She had started off with one style in mind and changed her mind since then, and didn’t know if the pieces will work together cohesively.  She was leaning towards gold and coral for the main colors and we splashed in some turquoise.  She liked the idea of patterns mixing and really wanted a pretty ceiling fixture, but she didn’t like the idea of decorative pillows because they are always in the way, and end up on the floor.

Here are a several of her before photos of the spacesed7a12f00ce7b1b5dee8a239ec82392bThis is a photo of her old dining table that she’d been using as a desk in her office.  I really wanted to use this in the eat in kitchen because of the color and clean lines.f-0-21-7872380_6tjlGqWu_Brown_chairs_in_front_of_windowThis is a photo of the sofa, brown chairs, and side table that she wanted to use for the space, I was so excited because I loved all of it!  She didn’t want to use the rug in the space just because it’s light colored and it would get dirty easily.f-0-22-7872380_gWBgYizX_Great_room_looking_toward_kitchenShe wanted to keep the sofa, coffee table, and stools that she’d recently recovered.
f-0-24-7872380_7qe6ObtY_Great_room_from_kitchenHere’s another view of the living room.  She wanted to change out the black tv center with the full wall one below.

f-0-43-7872380_LQXXKIRK_Hemnes_Built-in f-0-25-7872380_QI90MFat_Kitchen_tableThis kitchen table is one of the examples of something she’d bought after she’d changed her mind about what style she wanted to use througout the house.  I proposed that we use the dining table she’d been using in her office because it would go much better with what look we’d be going for.f-0-42-7872380_aLo99CSV_FoyerThis is one of the fabulous pieces she already had, and I desperately wanted to use it in the dining room as a buffet, but since it was so amazing we decided to keep it in the foyer.

Here’s the space plan I came up with for her…Tina Jarquin_Living Room and Dining Room_Space PlanThe absolute HARDEST part of this design was finding anything coral!  It was very frustrating, but in the end we found some amazing pieces that she loved.Tina Jarquin_Living Room_Built In Accessory LayoutHere are some accessories I found for her built in.Tina Jarquin_Living Room_Design Board Tina found a great coral piece on Etsy and it filled the wall space in the living room very well and it was the perfect place for the gold lamps and bowl to sit on.Tina Jarquin_Dining Room_Design BoardEven though we decided to keep that great buffet piece in the foyer, I found another that she really loved.  I also found some pretty art and some pretty accessories.  And that vase!  I want it for myself!This Tina Jarquin_Accessory Layout for Living Room and Dining RoomThis last photo is to show where all the accessories should go.
Next week I have links to where you can get everything, hope you all have a good week, I’ll be back at the end of the week with a new post.

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