How to Select Pillows and Throws

How to select Pillows and ThrowsOne of the fastest and easiest ways to liven up a room is to add some fun and colorful pillows.  It adds some character and personality to the room.  If you purchase pillow covers you can easily change them out every season.

  1. Pick Out Sizes
    For Sofas, I like to use this layout:

    • Use two 22”x22” pillows on each side of the sofa
    • Use one 20”x20” pillow on one side in front of the 22”x22” pillow
    • Use one 18”x18” pillow on the opposite side again in front of the 22”x22” pillow
    • Optional…You can use a rectangular pillow, 14”x22”, in the gap in the center of the sofa (I usually opt out on this because pillows sometimes feel like they’re in the way and end up on the floor).
  1. Choose Main Pillow Color
    After choosing my pillow sizes, I usually find pillow covers that have my main colors I’m using for the room.  That way, this pillow helps all the colors in the room tie in together.
  1. Neutral Pillow
    Next, I like to choose a neutral pillow because this helps soften the multi colored pillow.  This pillow can be solid or pattern, but make sure it is subtle.
  1. Color or Texture
    Then, there is that last 1 or 2 pillows I like to use that are bold and colorful with a great pattern or with some texture.

Some other must remember tips on choosing pillows:

  • Use feather down inserts, it makes the pillows look more poofy
  • Great places to shop for pillows: TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, H&M Home, and Target

When I’m selecting throws I keep a few tips in my back pocket and here they are:

  • Make sure you buy a throw that is soft and comfortable, it will be used (I have one that I use every night).
  • If you have decorated your room with pillows with a lot of pattern, I like to choose a throw with a solid or subtle patterned throw.
  • If you have decorated with more subtle and neutral colors, choose a throw that has more pattern and bolder color.

I’ve put together a few examples of pillow and throw combos…blue and yellowtealUntitled-2



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