How to Select a Rug

How to Select a Rug (2)Before you go out and buy a rug, you’ll need to consider a few things before you do it.  I’ve come up with a list of things you’ll need to do before you decide on a rug:


First things first, you’ll need to figure out what your room layout is going to be before you go any further.  If you have dining room that should be pretty easy, there’s not a whole lot you can do as far as space planning in a dining room.  That can be a different story if the rug is for your living room and there are several ways you can arrange your furniture.

Here are some examples of living room layoutsFloor plan 1 Floor plan 2 floor plan 3Here are some bedroom layoutsfloor plan 7 floor plan 8And last but not least, dining room layoutsfloor plan 4 floor plan 5 floor plan 6 floor plan 9


Now that you have figured out your room layout you’ll need to decide what size of rug you’ll need.  Make sure you have plenty of room in your budget for a rug.  They can be expensive, up to thousands of dollars, depending on the one you choose.  A larger rug will be much more expensive than a smaller rug, but a larger rug in your space may look better.

For a dining room that has a square or rectangular rug, you’ll want to make sure that your rug will be large enough so that when you scoot your chair out, it won’t fall off the rug.  If you have a dining room that has a round table you can consider getting a round rug, but make sure you follow the same rules as above.

There are several ways to decide on a rug in a living room depending on your budget.  You can find a rug that all your furniture fits on, this is ideal if your furniture sits in the center of the room, not up against the wall.  The next option is, having just the front legs of your furniture on the rug (this size would be most ideal).  And the last is, having the rug sit just short of sitting under the legs of the furniture.


Now that you’ve selected the size of your rug, you’ll need to figure out what pattern if any you’ll want for your rug.  Depending on the design I’m working on, I like to use the rug as the focus of the room with a fun pattern with some color (something that will go with the rest of your room).  If you think that a pattern will be too much or you already have a lot going on in the room, you can opt for something with a subtle pattern or no pattern.

Here are several ideas of rug patternsAriel Kaye Master Bedroom Space Plan Catalina Haaga Space Plan Danielle's Living Room and Dining Room_Space Plan Jennifer Blacker Dining and Living Room Space Plan Ashley Hutchinson Living Room Space Plan


There are a lot of places you can get rugs from, especially depending on what your budget is.  If you have a high budget, Dash and Albert is a great option.  If you don’t have a high budget, there are a lot of options you can choose from.  Rugs USA has hundreds if not thousands of choices to choose from, and most of the time they have awesome sales.  Sometimes up to 75% off!  Some other great options include: Target, Ikea, World Market, Urban Outfitters, and Wayfair.  Sometimes One Kings Lane and Joss and Main have some great sales on their site as well.  Although, they don’t usually have very much information about the rug, so you may not get what you expected.

If you are working on a room design and need some help, check out my services page, I’d love to help you on you next project.


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