Syna Harris Home Salon

Happy Thursday everyone, tomorrow the weekend starts.  And I always look forward to that.  Today I want to highlight a project that was finished just over a year ago.

I have a really good friend that started her own salon in her home.  I know what you’re thinking, she’s not one of those people who washes her clients hair in the kitchen sink.  She’s got a real salon!  and it’s beautiful.

I can’t take much credit for how it turned out though, (I didn’t do much besides help her choose out the accessories for the space) she’s got really great design taste.  She was in need of a small cabinet to hold some salon items, accessories, and artwork.  I went and helped her go shopping, it was so fun, and we found a ton of pretty things she liked.  But like most clients, she had a budget and we didn’t want to go over.

She’d already chosen out the colors and lighting she wanted to use.  I helped find a cute cabinet that would go with her style..

.Home Salon

She also wanted a gallery wall that would showcase some of her work as well as her business license.  We found a mirrored letter “H”, some pretty frames, and some fabulous scissors for the gallery wall.

Home SalonY0OfA_SdRKoPJ0a0ksoHRgrWHfkInrbP15Oxi8rwfuI,5o1tKmdLaTkJ9ILAbhgDWWhmDqlPAPdwerHZA1CIaSQ,B6vg3EFjraMfh0A9Gqh11b5xNWyHJlqkhX09tPaapNE,Ed7qs5uj72bcB-tVB0ELDelV_asV2c4IOPaKkPD

We wanted to keep the accessories to a minimum, but have a few perfect pieces.  We selected a pretty lantern and filled it with some colorful and shiny decorative balls.  I think it goes perfect in the space.Home Salon Home Salon

The last thing we found for her salon was a coat rack.  The hooks were originally a different color but she DIY painted them to match the rest of her salon.  I think the salon turned out so great, don’t you?Home SalonIf you live in Cache Valley and are looking for a great salon to go to, check out Syna Harris Home Salon, she won’t disappoint.

These are the services she offers:
Haircuts and Colors
Formal Styles
Eyelash Extensions
Gel Nails and Glitter Toes
Waxing and Sugaring
Makeup Application
Surface Hair Products

Here are some other fabulous photos of her salon…

||all salon photos taken by Syna’s sister Sothea||

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