Clever Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

This post is all about clever ways to organize your kitchen.  I am one of those people that wishes I had a bigger kitchen, not just a little bigger, A LOT bigger.  Last week I organized my closet and this week it’s the kitchen.  Today I took on the project of cleaning out and organizing the pantry and cleaning out the top cabinets.  I got rid of a lot of things I haven’t used or have rarely used since we moved in nearly 7 years ago.  These little tiny cabinets are so cute to look at and they are great for storing those big bulky kitchen items.  I should have takes a picture of before, but I forgot.  So, you get during and after.

Oh!  you noticed that empty spot on the right cabinet?  Well, the husband sometimes has a hard time letting go of things and has collected a plethora of electronic stuff that he likes to play with.  And, he’s been stashing it in the corner of our front room.  Kindof an eye sore.  So, he asked if he could have some space if there was room.  Yes, there’s room, as long as it out of eyesight.

I have found some really clever kitchen organization ideas that I just have to share!!

1.  Use spring tension curtain rods to create divider space for large or weird shaped dishesc6cb6e97008abc914ad63b99b405e37e || Decorating Your Small Space ||

2.  Use this handy shoe holder to store treats and other things that don’t need to be put in a box.pantry1|| Money Saving Queen ||

3. Use CD racks to store your tupperware lids, they’ll be so much easier to find!100937257_1215MSP.jpg.rendition.largest|| Decorating Your Small Space ||

4.  Enlist the inside of your cabinets16-550x800|| Jenna Burger Design ||

Measurement-Conversion-Chart-7_thumb|| Infarrantly Creative ||

5.  Use rolling shelves inside cabinetsenhanced-buzz-7392-1368064615-12 (1)|| Buzzfeed ||

6.  Use shelves inside your shelves (love this idea, I need to try it)enhanced-buzz-18056-1368065251-13|| Buzzfeed || (you can purchase similar at the container store

7.  Repurpose an old magazine holder
5.-Use-A-Magazine-Rack-To-Store-Kitchen-Wrap-12-Easy-Kitchen-Organization-Tips-||  Classy Clutter ||

8.  Tilt out wood trash can cabinet (this idea is genius, I hate how ugly trash cans are)Wood-Tilt-Out-Trash-Can-Bin-2|| Dawn Nicole ||

9.  Store plastic bags in an empty wipes container (you can even make it look pretty).enhanced-buzz-16071-1354903709-12 ||  Buzzfeed ||

10.  Use glass or plastic jars to hold food and see what you have12-Easy-Kitchen-Organization-Tips-Glass-jars-with-scoops-4||  Listotic ||


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