Ikea Bedroom Design under $2,500

I had so much fun last week with the Target living room design for under $1,200.  So, I thought I’d start doing it once a week with a different store.  So, if you have a fun place you like to shop that has a website you can purchase on, then let me know!  I’d love to find out where you shop.  Also, you can give me ideas of what rooms to do, if you’ve got that one trouble room.

Today I decided to do a full bedroom design through Ikea.  I LOVE that store.  There is one that is about an hour and a half away and I don’t get to go there very often.  So, I haven’t seen any of the new stuff for a while.  I found so much fun stuff, but couldn’t use all of it.  I may have to do another one some other time and use the rest of the awesomeness I found!

So, here it goes…and I’ve added links below!!05.11.15 (2)||Audrey Hepburn Art $39.99||
||Peony Art $39.99||
||Folldal Bed Frame $599.00||
||Stocksund Chair $349.00||
||Stocksund Bench $$229.00||
||Vase $14.99||
||Decorative Mirror $39.99||
||Black and White Rug $99.00||
||Lappljung Ruta Cushion Cover and inner cushion $16.99||
||Striped Pillow cushion and covers (2) $31.98||
||Mongstad Floor Mirror $99.99||
||Sanela Light Turquoise Panels $69.99||
||Light Gray Frame $5.99||
||Turquoise Pillow Cushion and Covers (2) $31.98||
||Bedspread and Cushion Cover $39.99||
||Floor Reading Lamp $49.99||
||Pendent Lamp $24.99||
||Gray Table Lamp (2) $159.98||
||White Dresser $229.00||
||Nightstand (2) 79.98||

Next week  I’ll be posting about my friend Syna’s home salon that I helped decorate.  Here’s a sneek peek…Syna SalonHave a great weekend!!


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