Brilliant Closet Organization Ideas

Add text (2)I’ve decided that I need to go through my entire house and organize everything and throw things away that I don’t use anymore or have never used.  I thought I’d start with the bedroom closet.  I chose to do this post because I’m in the process of organizing my bedroom and I didn’t have any great closet organization ideas.  I’ve found some really great ideas and I want to share them with you.

First thing you’ll want to do is take everything out of the closet, yes I mean everything.  You’ll soon realize how much crap you have in there that you’ve forgotten about.  Next, go through your clothes and whatever else was in the closet and if you haven’t used it or worn it in the last 6 months, definitely get rid of it.

The other day my husband went through his clothes drawers and I through my side of the closet and between the both of us came up with 3 bags of clothes to give away and a half bag of clothes that got thrown away.

So, here are some other really great organization ideas for your closet…IMG_3656_2||Shoe Boxes for Clothing Organization via iheartorganizing||enhanced-buzz-29556-1368984319-19||Hang Scarves and Beanies on the Inside of Closet Door via Wayside Sacrament||pink-baskets-after1||Repurpose Wire Baskets on Closet Doors that aren’t sliding via Decor Fix||232323232-fp5324--nu=3298--94-234-WSNRCG=3394-24-4-325nu0mrj||Put shelving on regular doors via Ana White||

||Use that dead space in the closet to add more clothing rods via 320 Sycamore||

I literally just found the best ideas with exact steps on organization and it has charts and everything!!  Okay, once you’ve cleared out your entire closet and have gone through everything and decided if it goes in the to keep pile or the not to keep pile.  Unless you’re still not sure, this chart via Buzz Feed should help immensely.enhanced-15224-1415130788-13Now that it is finished, you can start hanging your clothes back into the closet, but instead of hanging the hook side towards the back of the closet, turn the hanger so the hook is toward you and then when you do laundry turn the hook back toward the back of the closet and you will know what clothes you wear most…(also, via Buzz Feed).  Check back every 6 months or so and if some are still hook face out, maybe it’s time to get rid of that article of clothing.enhanced-21740-1415305423-8 (1)This is another really awesome idea for organizing small clothing items such as tights and nylons and other things similar.enhanced-5619-1415308538-1enhanced-23659-1415382505-4This is a genius idea for organizing those items that don’t stack well.  I had no idea they made shelf dividers.  enhanced-buzz-11367-1393277661-7I just LOVE this idea for organizing a childs closet, it would make it so easy for your kids to find what they need just by the icon on the drawer. via Buzz Feed

And now for some closet inspiration…54ab2189c8781_-_elle-04-closets-v||via Elle|| fbe8cf7bd9c77bc3e46ffefbf141b7fc (1)||via Domaine Home||7565cf91d71f6279332ded03c06227cd||via Lush Home||

I think I need these shelves for my shoes39a6bc875fdb11a8ad593d75102935d6||via Pinterest||


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