Danielle’s eDesign Reveal

I finished another eDesign project several weeks ago and I’m really excited to share it with you today.  I’ve been working on and off with a company that does contests.  Basically you come up with a design for a potential client from the info they give you (budget, needs, wants, size of the space).  The client looks over the 3-5 designs and chooses one design they like best and from there the designer works through email with the client to find exactly what they want.  That’s the jist of how it works, oh and whatever design the client chooses, that designer wins the money.

So, several weeks ago I get this email that says a client likes my portfolio and they want me to submit a design.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend any time on the design if there was a big chance I wasn’t going to win it (I was also working with another client at the time and didn’t know if I wanted to try working with both at the same time).  I finally decided that I’d work up a design and submit it (I also checked out the existing home photos and really loved the home and knew that our styles would be similar).

The client, Danielle, was really looking for a design that would be more formal and less casual, especially since the dining room and living room were next to each other.

Danielle was also concerned about several things and wanted to make sure they would be resolved with the design.  This particular client had a budget of $5,000-$10,000 to spend AND after I submitted my first design board she let me know that her husbands brother works at a furniture store, so they could get any furniture they wanted for practically cost.

Danielle didn’t have a particular color she wanted to use.  She mentioned that she loves bright and airy spaces and has always been drawn to blue hues (I really wanted to use a lot of blues for this room since she told me straight up that she likes blues).  She was really in desperate need of some window treatments and rugs.  She was looking for a large formal dining table with chairs to go around.  She was also looking for a new entertainment center as well as a buffet/credenza for the dining room and a console for the back of the sofa.  She didn’t want the chevron print anywhere in the rooms because she feels it’s already dated.

Here’s what her home looks like now…

I knew I was going to love the design when I saw this room.  I love the wall colors, the floor, and the sofa.  I’ve become obsessed about using a lot of white and light colors when it comes to anchor pieces.  I wanted to use a lot of white with this design because the walls look a little dark and the floors are dark and I think using a lot of white can make the space look larger and brighter.

Danielle found a beautiful formal dining table that she really wanted but I didn’t know if it would  be in the budget.  I looked around at some of the furniture links she sent of where we could get the discounted furniture and found a few similar, but not as pretty as the one she had originally picked.

I found a couple of rugs that I thought would look nice and wanted to design around those.  I also found some dark turquoise dining chairs that I hoped she’d love and she did!!  I ended up going with a mirrored buffet for the dining room and a mirrored console for behind the sofa.  I thought the mirrored furniture would help reflect some light and make the room see brighter.  I went with a white credenza for the tv and found some really great art that the clients loved to frame around the tv, so it wouldn’t be an eye sore.

I had originally picked out some turquoise window treatments that had a geometric pattern and at first the client’s liked it, but the more we chatted and I designed, the more they didn’t like it.  They really wanted something that would be really neutral with a subtle pattern.  I think the window treatments were the hardest part of the design.  They sent me a photo of some they loved and I actually found them, but they weren’t available in the size we needed.  This happened with several others too.  I finally found one that they seemed to really like.

Danielle wanted a coffee table that was more like an ottoman with storage, but we didn’t find anything either of us liked and so I found a really pretty octagonal shaped glass and metal one that she really liked.  I also found some chairs that would go well with the style and color, as well as pillows and some art for the wall behind the sofa.  I did however; find some small ottomans that could be used as storage and extra seating if needed.  Danielle's Dining Room Design Board_FinalDanielle's Living Room and Dining Room Space Plan_FinalDanielle's Living Room Design Board_FinalLet me know what you think about this design.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get photos when the design is finished.  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Danielle’s eDesign Reveal

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  4. Beautiful design plan! I love all the pops of blue. You’ve created such a calming but sophisticated space. Featuring this on the Be. YOU. Tiful link party. I’m so glad you linked this up!


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