My Cozy MUST HAVES For the Winter

7 Day (6)I love the winter season for so many reasons like all the pretty lights, Christmas trees, and playing in the snow.  What I don’t love about winter, is that it gets so cold .  I have come up with a list of my MUST HAVES for getting cozy during the winter.

1.  Hot Shower
bathroom-4841_1280 (2)The first thing I like to do after being out in the cold from going snowboarding or playing in the snow is to have a hot shower.  It warms me right up, until I get out and then I get cold again.

2.  Pajamas, Socks, and Blanket

After getting out of the hot shower and getting cold again, I like to warm up with putting on some cozy pj’s, socks, and getting warm under a blanket.

3.  Bedwhite_venice_grandeI also love getting in my bed with a warmed up rice bag on my feet under my duvet. It’s sooo cozy, a great option is a duvet or bedding from Parachute Home.  I have a duvet and I LOVE it!

4.  Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is another favorite way I get warm and stay cozy.  I love to put my cold hands around the steaming cup of cocoa, it warms me right up.

5.  Hanging out on a comfortable sofa or oversized chairchair-270980_1280 (2)There’s just something about laying on a super comfortable sofa or chair.

6.  Cozy up to a firechristmas-tree-83122_1280 (2)If I had a fireplace this is what I’d do, but I don’t, so I have to compromise by using a space heater instead.

7.  Read a Book or Watch a Moviebook-520610_1280 (2)

8.  Turn the Lights Down_MG_0074I love to turn the lights off during the Christmas and turning on the beautiful Christmas lights.  I like to just sit on the sofa and look a the lights…Cozy

9.  Cuddling with Gretchen and Tyson

Seriously, one of the coziest and best things to do is cuddle with my 2 year old Gretchen on the couch watching a fun kids movie (she is a heater and keeps me warm).  The other is cuddling my amazing husband Tyson (he’s a heater too).

Stay Cozy this Winter



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