Hosting Guests During the Holidays

I’m not usually one to host guests, mainly because our house is too tiny and we have no guest room.  But, if you are hosting guest during the holidays I’ve got some easy ideas on how to make your visitors feel at home.  Guest Hosting 101

Stock up on mini toiletries, that way if you guests did forget their toothbrush or razor, they’ll have a back up.  I’ve gone to my parents house on several occasions and have forgotten my toothbrush and luckily they had extra so I didn’t have to make a special trip to the store just for a toothbrush.

If you have a guest room with a closet, another great idea is to let the guest use some space in the closet if they need anything on hangers (make sure you have some extra hangers, especially if your guests are staying serveral days or weeks).  ShortRack_Clot.HR_R0325_OnWhite600px

To keep track of towels, provide each guest with a different color of towel and washcloth, that way they remember what towel is theirs.  I think it’s also important to set out some towels and washcloths before your guests need to use them.  You don’t want them getting out of the shower not knowing where towels are (especially if they are stored in a hall linen closet).  000068638

Lay out extra pillows and blankets before your guests arrive.

If you’re worried all how the guests might sleep or if where they’re staying is comfortable, consider sleeping in the same room to see what is or isn’t working.  There may be a light bulb out in the bedside lamp, or there may be cobwebs in the corner of the room.  Don’t forget to use clean sheets.

In the bathroom make sure you put an extra roll in site so the house guest doesn’t have to go hunting for it.

Later on I’ll be putting up another design board on Etsy…the Welcome Home Package that you can purchase and download the design board and the shopping list so you can be ready for your guests for the holidays.  Welcome Home Package

I’ll also be doing a “Black Friday” sale starting tomorrow and going until next week.  So, you’ll want to check back tomorrow and snag items before the sale is over.


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