Boise Birthday Trip

I was literally going to post about this awesome trip right when we got home, but I got busy and forgot.  So here it is…Boise Road TripWe’d been discussing our last amazing trip we took last year for our birthday to Portland (I miss it so much!!)  We decided that we wanted to go on another birthday trip because Portland was so much fun.  We talked about going to several different places and decided on Boise.  We decided Boise because it’s big enough that there’s a lot of things to do and it is only about 4 hours from Logan.  We were so excited!!

Boise Trip…Day 1

So, even though Boise is only about 4 hours from our house, we decided to stay in Twin Falls the first night.  We got to Twin Falls at about 7PM and we decided we would just hang out in the hotel and go swimming.  We had planned on going to this awesome waterfall called Shoshone Falls on the Snake River the next day.  We woke up and it was stormy and rainy!!!  Plans ruined!?  We checked the weather and there was supposed to be a break in the weather at about noon.  So, we went to a couple of  stores and then headed over there around noon.  It actually warmed up and was sunny by the time we got to the waterfall.

This is a pretty little waterfall before we got to the parking lot, and I had to take a picture!edited20140822_115605

 One of the spots we could look at the waterfall was out on a ledge,  it was a little scary (don’t look down or you’ll get sick), but it had some railing, that helped it not be so scary.  So pretty, don’t you agree?

Then we were off…When we went on our trip last year to Portland, we wanted to take a tour of the Gordon House, that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Unfortunately, there was a wedding going on the whole time we were in Portland, so we didn’t get to do that.  I’d researched last year on things he’d designed and I found one in Bliss, Idaho.  I had to visit the house on this trip, so that’s where we were headed next.  Bliss is about halfway between Twin Falls and Boise.  I found out that there are currently people living in the home: The Archie Boyd Teater Studio, but I still wanted to see it.  This is a drawing I found online, I love the modern architecture with the flat and slopping roofline.  TeaterIllustDet
We got off the freeway when we got to Bliss, it is a seriously tiny tiny town.  We drove about 15-20 minutes past lots of fruit farms, several of which were watermelon farms.  We found the house and unfortunately for us, it had a tall wooden fence across the front and it’s on a hillside with thick bushes surrounding.  Tyson tried to climb out in the bushes to get some photos, but they were too thick and he didn’t even touch the ground when he was standing on them.  This is all I could see…

edited20140822_140517Look at that roofline, I’m in love!!!

edited20140822_140532I was almost crying because we were so close, yet so far from seeing the house!!  This is the first chance in my lifetime that I’d be able to see a famous architects work in real life, and I wouldn’t get the chance!  I thought we wouldn’t have a chance to see anything else, until I looked over and saw that road barrier (0r whatever it’s called) over on the right side of the road.  I didn’t think I was tall enough, so I asked Tyson if he’d run over there and get some photos, this is what he brought back…edited20140822_141029 edited20140822_141046I was happy he had gotten a few shots, but I was still a little disappointed, too many freaking trees in the way!!!  I totally understand why the owners have the giant fence, the bushes around their house, and so many trees.  They don’t want weirdos like me being all creepy and sneaking around their house to get pictures.

I was about to say we should go, then I thought, ‘I can probably see over the fence standing on the barrier thing, I better try or I’ll regret it’.  So, I ran across the road and to my amazement, was definitely tall enough to see over, and that view…it was extraordinary!!!


I still would have LOVED to see the whole house, but it was still amazing to see Frank Lloyd’s Wright’s 1952 Archie Boyd Teater Studio in the flesh.  Again, I was almost in tears, this time because I was happy.

Coming up…the rest of our Boise Trip

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