Fall Family Photo Shoot

This past week, we did a family photo shoot.  Last year we did one around the same time, and my husband, Tyson did them.  I thought they turned out really cute, but it was impossible to get her to look at the camera when we were both in the picture.  Take a peek at last year’s and compare to how much Gretchen has grown!

This year I decided that I didn’t want to have to mess with Tyson trying to do the photos and trying to get a few good ones of all of us.  So, I decided I wanted to hire someone to do our photos.  I wanted to find someone that was reasonably priced and had a good portfolio.  I decided to hire Lindsay at London Photography.  We chatted back and forth on email and I’d asked what the best colors to wear if we wanted some pretty fall colors in the background.  She suggested that neutrals will make you stand out more than any color.  If you know me at all, you know I LOVE me some color!  So, I was really nervous to pick out my outfit.  I’d bought a cream and black polka dot cardigan just the week before and decided I wanted to wear that (I really love polka dots almost as much as color).


||Photography by London Photography||
||Hair Flower – Claire’s||Cardigan – The Children’s Place||Floral A Line Dress – Target||Boots – Ross||

Us…(don’t you love the colors on the trees, and that water looks like glass!)


||Earrings – Old Navy (I don’t know if you can see them, they are pearl earrings with a pattern on them||

||Polka Dot Cardigan – Target||Top – Downeast Basics||Belt – Kohls||Jeans – Kohls||Boots – Smith’s Marketplace||

Here are my other favorites!



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