Last Weeks Links: Ashley’s eDesign Reveal

Since I posted Ashley’s eDesign reveal late at night, I forgot several things in the post.  So, I’ve got a little more info and all the links to products I specified in the design.

Ashley didn’t want or need a lot of decorations in the kitchen so I chose a really pretty pitcher and a serving bowl.  I suggested to Ashley that she use some oranges in the serving bowl to bring some color into the kitchen.

||Gabriella Pitcher||Classic Century Footed Serving Bowl||

After I’d started working on the design, Ashley let me know that she really wanted a new light fixture over the dining table.  So, I found several different light fixtures and sent them to her, and let her choose what she liked and disliked.  She said her favorite was the Orb Chandelier.  I was really excited that she liked the Orb Chandelier because I’d found a decorative piece that was similar and I knew they would help the design to come together.

||Solaris Chandelier||

I also wanted to keep the dining room pretty simple and not have it too cluttery.  So, I chose an interesting vase to use as the centerpiece.

||Otto Vase||

Ashley wanted to keep the sectional, chair, and entertainment center in the living room.  She had a coffee table in there, but didn’t like it and was looking for something more her taste.  She also wanted something in the far right corner opposite the entertainment center, she thought it seemed a little naked.  She really wanted a bookcase there.  So, I scoured the internet for some coffee tables, accent tables, lamps, and bookcases.  I found several of each, but again thought since these were all large pieces and some very expensive.  I thought I’d get her opinion again on what she liked and didn’t like.  I didn’t want to get through the whole process to find out that she hated the bookcase and then have to start over again.  I sent her a link to all the large pieces and she came back and let me know what she liked.

There were a few pieces that Ashley had to have in the design.  She really liked the coffee table on wheels, she really loved the lamp with the clear base, and she HAD to have the bookcase on wheels.  I’ll be honest, she had a budget of $5,000 and choosing the bookcase was the last thing we picked.  I knew this would push the budget over if she HAD to have that particular bookcase (it is over $500).  So, I told her straight up, even before she’d picked it (I knew she would) that it would be going over budget and if she really wanted it, we could cut back on other things.  She said she didn’t mind going over budget, she really wanted that bookcase.  When designing what was to go in the bookcase, I wanted to use mainly neutrals and use some pops of color.

Bookcase Items:
||Nathan Bookcase, Washed Brown||Orange Ming Boxes||Mini Potted Grass||Glass Bottles||Pasadena Table Clock||

I chose the orb lamp to go with the chandelier and the other decorative piece I’d chosen.  She had also picked 3 accent tables, but at the last minute decided on the metal ones.  It worked out great because the metal ones ended up being about $100 cheaper than the ones I’d previously proposed.

||Bernadette Lamp||Orb Floor Lamp||Marne Garden Stool||Aiden Coffee Table||

I also gave her a couple different options for the window treatments.  I wanted to do a blue pattern and a gray pattern and there were 4 that I really liked, but I thought I’d let Ashley choose what she liked best.

||Nate Berkus Indre Lynwood Dove Grey||Honeycomb, Dusty Blue||

For the fireplace, she was pretty open to anything.  She has an area above the fireplace mantel that is framed out and I though it would be the perfect place for a great piece of art.

||Shorline Wall Art||Jasper Bottle Vase||Armillary Votive Holder||Chateau Lanterns||Geo Balls||Sand Glazed Vases||Honeycomb Vase||


||Boardwalk Round Tray||Farmer’s Jug Vase||Faux White Hydrangea Bloom||

||Striped Bone Frame||Trellis Bone Box||Sabine Vase||

||Potted Moss||Kerr Vase||Clarus Square Boxes||


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