Ashley’s eDesign Reveal

Ashley's eDesign RevealI literally finished this eDesign project just the other day, and I’m so excited about it!  Ashley came to me in need of some furnishings and accessories for her living room, dining room, and Kitchen.  You’ll see in her before photos that she already has a really beautiful home, she just wasn’t happy with how it looked and didn’t know how to find things and put them together.

Before Photos Ashley purchased the premium package which includes: design board, source list, space plan, and rendering.  I collected all the information that she sent to me and came up with this design board.

Ashley Hutchinson Design BoardIt may look a little messy, but it made sense to both me and the client.  I had her approve the design board before I did any other work and when she did, I got to work on the floor plan.

Ashley Hutchinson enlarged space plan living room and dining roomAshley Hutchinson space plan living room dining room and kitchenThis is also a new program I’m trying out and so far I LOVE it!!!  I love that you can put colors and finishes on everything, instead of boring black and white.

Ashley Hutchinson rendering of fireplace accessories and artI originally chose a grey patterned fabric for the kitchen and dining and a blue patter for the living room.  My client wasn’t sure she wanted the blue in the living room, so I went ahead and did a rendering of the grey and of the blue in the living room.  What color do you like better?

Ashley Hutchinson living room rendering with blue window treatments Ashley Hutchinson living room rendering with grey window treatmentsLet me know what you think about this new program and what color of window treatments you like better in the living room.


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