How to Accessorize your home like a PRO

How to Accessorize your home like a proI am really excited about this post.  Yesterday I was playing around with Polyvore, and I LOVE it.  It is so fun and easy to create pretty design boards.  I put several together using Polyvore, so keep in mind the accessories might look a little weird, and that is because the angles on them aren’t the same.  I’ve also been using a program called Canva, and it is seriously amazing.  It’s similar to photoshop, but easier to create pretty things.  I made the above jpeg using both Polyvore and Canva.

Back to the post, I’ve been posting about staging the last couple of weeks.  I decided to do a post about something more exciting, and I chose accessorizing accessories because you can still use these awesome tips for staging and if you aren’t staging, they are still awesome ideas for your own home.

I am a huge fan of What Not To Wear and I think together Clinton and Stacy are hilarious.  They always are talking to their makeoverers (is that even a word?!) and telling them they need to add texture, sheen/shine, color, neutral, pattern, and solids to their wardrobe to make it more interesting.  Same goes for your home, if your home has only solid colors, it’s probably boring.  If your home has too many patterns going on, it’s probably too overwhelming.  The important thing is to have a little of each, you don’t need to have all of them,  just a balance of a couple.

You’ll want to find quality, not quantity accessories.  You may have a crap load of little trinkets you’ve collected throughout the years, which is awesome, the best thing to do is display it all together instead of spread out.  For example in a glass cabinet.  It will be more interesting for people who come to your home if it is displayed in an organized way.  If you have a lot of random small stuff that doesn’t mean anything to you, get rid of it. For real.  When you are choosing accessories, it’s always a good idea to get something larger than you think you want.

Size matters, and we are talking about the size of your accessories.  You don’t want to display several items on a shelf that are all the same size, BOOORING!!!!  You’ll want to accessorize items that are varying widths and height.  If you do have some AWESOME small accessories that you would like to display, a great way to do that is to put it on top of something like a book or two, or another decorative item that has a flat top (more on that later).

Accessories usually look best in odd numbers.  For example, if you have some vases you want displayed, display 3 of them together.  Remember to use varying sizes.

Don’t over do it.  If you think it’s too much, it probably is.  Take a few things out of the vignette, less is more.

When I design, I really like to use live flowers and greenery.

Layer your items (more on that later).

I’ve made some design boards to show all these tips and ideas.  I know for me, I’m a visual person and LOVE photos.

HELLO (2)Okay, I’ll be honest, all of the designs I came up with, this is definately my least favorite.  So, you’ve got a coffee table and don’t know what to put on it?  I usually like to use some kind of tray to help anchor all the pieces. Personally, I think it looks better that way.  So, I’ve got some sheen and texture going on with the coffee table.  I brought in some flowers with color that are tall, that goes behind because it’s the tallest.  Next, I found a fun little ball with spikes on it because I think it is interesting and looks cool, it also is a neutral, but has some sheen.  Last, I found the pink candle, it should be smaller, but I wanted to make sure everything was big enough to see.  The candle should be a little in front and to the side of the spike ball since is it the smallest.  I forgot about the tray, since I was doing some color with the candle and flowers, I wanted to leave the tray pretty neutral, but with a little pattern on the inside.

Blue Dining RoomWhen I design dining rooms, I like to leave them pretty plain (as in accessories).  If you know me at all, you know I LOVE color.  I love designing with color.  The design above is probably the first design with the least amount of color going on.  One thing about color I forgot to mention.  Even though I love using color, I try to use only 2 colors plus any neutrals.  Too much color can be overbearing.  Since I decided to be pretty neutral on this design, I gave the window panels some color and the rug some color and texture.  The mirrors and lighting provide the perfect amount of sheen.  You’ll notice I’ve got a couple candles and a vase of flowers on the dining table.  I like to keep it pretty simple when it comes to dining tables.  If you don’t like that idea, you could opt for a taller vase with flowers or greenery stems.Bookase

Accessorizing your bookcase or bookshelf can be a huge challenge.  I started with books, in the bottom corner, middle shelf, and top corner.  If you’re using the bookcase for more decorations than books, put books on every other shelf just so they are dispersed equally.  Have some upright and some laying down.  From there, I found some really large pieces and used a large round vase on the top shelf, by itself.  And two tall vases on the bottom shelf.  Then, I found the medium pieces and placed them (elephant, frame, and flowers).  I really should have switched the flowers and geo balls since the two pinks are together.  Then, I grouped the small box with the frame and the green plant with the books, and the geo balls are grouped together.  This can be really frustrating, just remember to disperse evenly (size and color). Black and Gold

I really like how this one turned out.  I love gold, black, and white together, it looks so classy.  So, here’s an example of a nightstand or console table.  This is pretty simple.  I took a mirror and put it behind, then found a fun and interesting lamp.  I liked the idea of the skull in the design, but it looked weird by itself.  I found this pretty box and put the skull on it and it worked!  This is how layering works (biggest piece in the back, the mirror, then the lamp and lastly the box with the skull).Pink Bedroom

This design is more of a room design.  Same rules apply.  You’ll notice, not a ton of accessories.  The pillows, lamps, mirrors, chair, tables, book, blanket, and bag.  Now that I write that out, it seems like a lot.  But you look at it and it all goes.  Not too much color (in my opinion), not too much sheen or pattern.  I am a crazy person when it comes to symmetry, I go crazy when things aren’t symmetrical.  You’ll notice the artwork in the middle with a mirror on each side, lamps, and nightstands.  I just think it flows better.

Pink and Turquoise for BlogI was originally going to do this photo and the one with the gold and black, but decided I wanted more examples to share because it can be really really frustrating when accessorizing.  I still get frustrated, that’s why when you come to my house, I don’t really have any accessories out.  Here’s another example of layering.  This one almost has too much going on for me, but I still think it’s pretty.

I hope all these examples and ideas helped you to know how to accessorize your home.  Good luck accessorizing!!!


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