What I Wish I Knew Before Selling My House: Staging 101

So, this month I’m going to be blogging about staging and how it can affect you if you are selling your house.  I’ll also be posting about how you can accessorize your accessories.

If you’re selling your home and even if you aren’t, I’ve come up with a super list when it comes to staging.  I’m trying to sell my house right now and I’ve realized while coming up with this huge list, that I haven’t even dented the surface.  I’ve got a lot of work to do.  It can take a lot of time to do EVERYTHING  on the list, but it will be worth it in the end, and will help it sell your home faster than if you didn’t stage it.

Outdoor- This is what your potential buyer will see first, make sure you make a good impression.  You’ll want to welcome your buyer with an inviting porch.

1.  Clean the pathway to your door
2.  Manicure the surrounding landscape (mow lawn)
3.  Clean your front door/porch of dirt, debris, and spider webs
4.  Add a pop of color with a pot of colorful flowers
5.  Hang easy to read house #’s
6.  Wash front windows
7.  Put a welcome sign on your door or a welcome mat on your porch
8.  If there’s room, place 1-2 pieces of furniture on your porch

Indoor-  This will be a second first impression and is crucial that you make a good impression.  

1.  If nothing else, make sure you DE-CLUTTER.  I don’t know if you’re like me, but I hate going in cluttery homes, the only thing is see is clutter, not the features of the home.
2.  Consider removing extra furnishings, this will make the home look bigger
3.  Remove heavy window panels or dark panels and use lighter color or fabric, this will allow as much light as possible in.
4.  Turn on all lights, this also helps to make the home look lighter and brighter and easier to see every room.
5.  If you have blinds, open all.
6.  Remove or replace any broken items.
7. Remove most if not all of the family photos on the walls around the house.  Family photos say, “we live here” while generic photos say, “you can live here”.  A quick  and easy thing to do about all those family photos is to replace the photos with craft paper with a pretty print on them.  Family photos can be really distracting and take away from your homes features.
8.  Depersonalize your home by removing small trinkets and sentimental items and anything that is visually cluttery.  This also helps you detach emotionally from your home.
9.  Clean out the closets and cabinets, pack away anything that isn’t needed in the immediate future, this will help the home feel bigger.
10.  Turn down the color, neutrals are notable.  It’s not what you see, but what the buyer sees.
11.  REMEMBER:  It’s important to appeal to the masses and not everyone will have your style.
12.  Confess all you know about your homes condition otherwise, you could be in trouble, at a later date, when the buyer discovers that you withheld pertinent details about your home.
13.  Buyers will want to walk gracefully through your home, make sure you carefully arrange furniture for conversation areas, and open up blocked areas or big beautiful windows.
14.  Get out of your house when potential buyers come to view.  Why?  This will help them to feel at ease and help them imagine living in the home. The entryway, kitchen, and bathrooms are the rooms with the biggest selling points and should be given special attention.
15.  If your carpet hasn’t been shampooed for a while, do it.  Small additions can make a big impression.
16.  Consider replacing worn rugs and throw pillows.  New towels can freshen up the look of the bathroom.  Bright beautiful flowers add warmth and charm to any room.
17.  Play music
18.  Limit counter space to 2 appliance essentials.  If possible, make upgrades to the kitchen if it is in your budget.  For example, cabinet hardware.
19.  Choose a center piece for the dining table- vase of flowers, urn full of fruit, or series of 3 simple decorative items ranging from tall to short.  Remove all table linens from the table.
20.  Smell is huge when it comes to selling you house.  Since we are moving, I turn on my candle warmers about a half hour befor we have visitors and I also spritz febreeze on fabric and open the windows to help the smell be overwhelming.
21.  Dust
22.  Clean windows with a bucket of warm water and vinegar and dry with newspaper.
23. Deep Clean

I’m going to try several things on this list that I haven’t done and see if we can get a buyer on our home.  Good Luck if you’re selling your home.


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