Catalina’s Living Room and Office/Play Area E-Design

This is a new project I’ve been working on this week, and it’s the first that has needed to be kid friendly.  I was excited to start working on it, especially since they had a budget up to $10,000.  Yes, ten thousand dollars!!!!  Now you’re probably wondering how I score these types of clients.   Well,  I’ve been working with a design company that does e-design competitions for clients and the client pays a lump sum for however many designers they want to participate.  That lump sum of money also depends on how much they want designed and how large their budget is.

This client already had a really lovely home, but they wanted to spruce it up a bit.  And honestly I thought it was a little too cluttery with decor.  Since they had such a huge budget, I decided to buy a new sofa and chairs, instead of using their existing sofa.  I also got rid of the coffee table and found one that would hold a ton of storage.     Although she has a really lovely home, it was a little boring with no color.  I am huge into color, I love color in a room and honestly I think some people are scared to design with alot of color, especially bright colors.  She had a fan in her front room that didn’t really go with what else she has going on in her home, so I made sure to change it out as well.



Catalina's Living Room Design Board

She has an office/play area off to the side of the living room and kitchen and wanted this included in the design.  For this room, I wanted the main focus to be the kids.  I wanted to find some things that would help them be entertained while having an imagination.  So, I found a really fun craft table that comes with short leg (if you have tiny kids) and also tall legs (if you have bigger kids).  It also comes with some fun storage crates that fit under the table.  One reason I picked this table is because it comes with a roll of paper attached to it, so kids can color and draw and won’t run out of paper.  I noticed in one of the photos that the client has a kids tent in the room and it looks like it’s right in the way.  So, I took out the sofa and move the computer desk in its spot and I found this fabulous kids tent and put that where the desk originally was.

Here’s the before…

After…Catalina's Office and Playroom Design Board


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