Light and Airy Bedroom and Office Space

I’ve recently been working on several E-Design projects.  I love doing these projects because I get to do what I love, but I still have time to spend with my 18 month old.  If you haven’t heard of E-Design, it’s somewhat of a new thing designers are doing, every part of the design is done soley through email.

This particular client is living in a very small space and the bedroom has a nook off of it, and they have been using as an office.  She needed me to come up with a design that would incorporate a master bedroom, office, toddler room, and a newborn baby room.  She wanted all of this in just these 2 small spaces.  She also wanted to keep the master bed, a rocking chair, the office table, chair, and bookcases.  She gave me a budget of $3,000.

She was looking for a design that is sparse but impactful.  Modern style is rooted in minimal, true use of material and absence of decoration.  She’s also looking for a neutral color palette, polished surfaces, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry.

I decided on white walls, this would help lighten the room and make it look as large as possible.  I stuck with white linens for the bed and white and natural elements for the toddler bed and crib.  I wanted to also incorporate a little color into the space so it wasn’t monochromatic.  I found these fabulous window panels on etsy and picked out colors in the panels for the rest of the bedding and decorations.

The client came back to me mostly happy with everything, but wanted a few changes.  She loved the bunk bed in the toddler space  and was excited about how open the space underneath would be.  She also loved the bed linens I had chosen out.  She loved the bed comforter, the sheep mobile and the little bird pillow.  She was a little confused about where the curtain would go because she didn’t really want curtains on the window.  She gave me the idea of using it to separate the master room and the toddler/office room.  She loved the framed flower pictures, but am not as crazy about the floral pillows on the adult bed.  She was very confused how things would go and where they would go.

I quickly drew up a floorplan and made a few changes to the room.  Since she was confused about what was included I made sure to email her an explanation.  We will use the existing bed, white chair, office desk, and shelving in this design.  I also decided to use the existing 2 dressers that are in the room, that way we would save on the design and they are in perfectly good condition.

Toddler Bedroom/Office Space

I picked this toddler bed because it has really great functionality.  You can use it as a regular bed or as a bunk bed as pictured.  I knew that there wouldn’t be very much room for her, and the space under the bunk bed can be used as her own private play area.  The fabric with the small print is for a custom curtain to attach to the bunk bed.  The proposed curtain fabric will be used to separate the office/toddler space from the master bedroom space.  I know the landlord is willing to put in french doors, but I think the doors will be in the way since it is such a small space.  This way the curtain can be easily moved.

The desk, chair, and bookshelves will stay where they are.

Master Bedroom Space

I wanted to leave the colors of the room pretty neutral with grays and whites and small pops of colors.  I’ve proposed to do the wall paint by Benjamin Moore, Hazy Skies.  The bed will have neutral linens with 5 small colorful pillows on top.  The proposed bird artwork will go directly above the master bed with the floral art on either side of the window and the 3rd above the dresser by the door as you come into the room.  This leaves the rest of the walls pretty sparse, but the bird art and pops of color throughout the room will be the focus.

Here’s the revision…(This all came in just under $2,000)

Bridget Spelke Floor Plan_Revised1Bridget Spelke Inspiration Board_Revision

2 thoughts on “Light and Airy Bedroom and Office Space

  1. You are seriously amazing. Love this layout and the pops of color! And I must admit, I’m seriously jealous of your work, from home, over email, designing spaces. Why didn’t I study this?? Instead I’m sitting in front of a computer staring at numbers all day! Boring! Is it too late for me to change careers??!!


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