Mother’s Day DIY Cards

Happy late Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there!  This year I decided to make a card instead of buying one.  Luckily I remembered about Mother’s Day the week before so I had time to buy the paper, make the cards, and send them in time for Mother’s Day.  Right now I’m really into the vintagey floral patterns with anything and found the perfect paper.  I made sure to add a little more modern patterns as well.  I made two cards, one for my Mom and one for my Mother-in-law.  Here’s the 1st…

And the other card…

I haven’t always appreciated everything my Mom has done for me over the years.  Now I realize all the sacrifices she has made for my siblings and me now that I’m a Mom myself.  So, thank you Mom for all you’ve done for me, I could never repay you.  I love you so much!!

I hope all you Momma’s out there had a fabulous Mother’s Day, I know I did.  And for everyone else, I hope you all did something nice for your Mom.


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