Must Haves for First-Time Moms

There are so many things new moms and dads need for themselves to be able to survive the first week of bringing their newborn home and on.  This is especially helpful for first-time moms that aren’t sure what they need.

To see each caption, click on the picture…

I’ve got a couple of other important things that a new mom will need.

Sitz Bath–  For those of you that are giving birth vaginally, you’ll want  a sitz bath.  A sitz bath is a shallow bath with enough water to cover your hip bones. It is easier and safer than a full bath in the early days after birth.  It is lukewarm water with some epsom salts or hydrogen peroxide added.  Correct me if I’m wrong because I had a C-section, so I didn’t need a sitz bath.

Recipe for DIY Maxi Padcicles- here

Hair Regrowth (baby hair)– After your hair stops falling out, it starts growing again and for me has grown back all around my scalp area.  These are soooo hard to keep down, especially when you put your hair in a ponytail.  Be prepared.

Nursing Bras– These are the links to where I got my bras- sleeping bra and day bra.  I would recommend waiting until you are almost due or after you have your baby to get bras.  Your boobs will grow a lot.

Obviously some of these things you’ll already have, but it helps to have maxi pads, nursing pads,  lanolin, and everything for the sitz bath already before you go to the hospital.  That way your husband won’t have to run to the store to get all of it.

Does anyone have a good recipe for the sitz bath?  I could only find herbal ones online.


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