How I Lost My Baby Weight and Then Some

It seems to me that most if not all women struggle with weight issues no matter what size they are or other body issues.  I fall right in the middle of that category, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think “I wish I was skinny or prettier” or some other negative thing about myself.  This post isn’t so you’ll feel bad about me or to brag about myself.  It’s that I want to address some issues that some women face in their lives.  This post has taken me a while to write, I don’t usually like talking about myself, so this is a big step for me.  I want to be honest about how I have felt and now feel about myself.  First let me give you some history about myself.  I grew up playing soccer, and loved it.  Playing soccer helped me stay fit and healthy.  Slowly this changed after I graduated.  Those first couple of years after graduation, I slowly gained my “freshman 15”, because I wasn’t running and exercising everyday.

These photos are so old, I had to scan them in so that is why they look so bad…These photos are during high school and the next few years after.

I got married a few years after that, and gained over 30 lbs. within only a few months.  I didn’t have a job those first couple of months after I got married, and I didn’t know anyone so I stayed home and didn’t have much to do besides eat.  I’ve always been self conscience about my body, even through high school (I look back now and wish I had that body back).  Gaining this weight made me hit rock bottom, I didn’t like going anywhere or seeing anyone, and I was so embarrassed of myself and how I let myself go.  So, between high school graduation and this point in my life I gained close to 50 lbs.  Now I know that doesn’t seem like a lot of weight, but to me it was, and I was devastated.  I’ll be honest, I hated myself so much (I know that is a very harsh word, but it was true), I avoided getting my picture taken as often as possible, and deleted the worst ones.  So, I’ve only got a couple to share.

I decided it was time for change and so I tried a couple of different diets with not much luck, or the weight would come back.  I was watching Rachel Ray’s talk show one day and they talked about a new book that came out called The Flat Belly Diet.

The first 4 days it focuses on bloat.  Then it suggests you stick with the recipes and calorie restrictions for the next 32 days.  The rules are: 4- 400 calorie meals a day, eat every 4 hours, eat a MUFA (Monounsaturated Fatty Acid) every meal (avacados, nuts, dark chocolate, natural oils), the MUFA focuses on shrinking the belly fat (seems crazy right!?).  It seems like most diets have gross food, but the Flat Belly Diet actually has some amazing food and you can eat chocolate and avocados!

So, I went on this “diet”, I think of it more as a way of living, because it isn’t super restrictive, but it is very healthy.  I lost weight and got to what I was when I got married.  I was pretty happy, but wanted to lose more, and I stayed pretty close to that weight until I got pregnant in early 2012.  I look back at these pictures remembering thinking that I still looked fat and I didn’t look pretty.  Now I look at them and think how stupid I was being because I didn’t have that perfect model body that every woman should have.

The last picture above I was about 2 months pregnant, how amazing do I look?! (Still I had that same negative attitude)

Then I slowly started gaining the weight back, and gained all the weight back that I lost.  I think I felt how any woman feels after she gives birth.  I was happy and loved having a new baby, but not happy about how I looked.  Sure I lost the pregnant belly, but still had the rest of the weight.  Those first 7 months after baby came I think I lost about 10 lbs. (mainly from having a baby).  I wasn’t really fitting in any pants besides the stretch jeans I had and the shirts were looking a little too snug.

These are some pregnancy photos and post pregnancy photos (classic puffy prego face :))

Finally around that 7 month mark I decided I wanted to feel better about myself and look better.  I re-read the book and was super motivated to lose this weight.  It was hard, but within 6 weeks I lost 15 lbs!!!  Huge change, I suddenly looked and felt so much better.  I started fitting into my pre pregnancy pants and looked better in shirts.  This was back in June that I lost the weight.  Now I’m trying to maintain that weight.

I have now lost all my baby weight I put on and about 5 pounds past that, I am so close to my weight goal now and am so excited and I feel better than ever!

I didn’t write this post because I want you to feel bad for me.  I did it in hopes that I can inspire someone that is going through some issue in their life, it doesn’t have to be weight loss, to realize that they can be in charge of their life and change and grow and live life how they want.  I also wrote this because for the 1st time in a very long time I feel pretty (does that sound lame?!) and people are complementing me, and it makes me feel good about myself and I’m realizing that people do notice me and care about me.  I haven’t felt this good about myself in years and I do feel pretty, every girl or woman should feel like they are pretty.

I have to say thank you to my sweet amazing husband, he’s been with me and supported me through this whole journey.


8 thoughts on “How I Lost My Baby Weight and Then Some

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  5. You are amazing! I see a picture I just took of you at the hospital! 😀 My wake up call was in Dec/Jan. I finally realized I weigh 10 lbs more than I did a year ago! And my baby is 3!!!!! Nothing fits, everything makes me look “fat”. I decided it was time to take control. I’ve not been using any diet, but I’ve been watching my calories. trying to stay near 1300 per day. Sometimes it near kills me (or at least feels like I’ll die from hunger). But I’ve lost 10lbs. 10lbs. I can wear my jeans again. I don’t feel like I have to wear stretchy sweat-type pants all the time. They’re still more comfortable. But hoping to lost 10 more lbs. Maybe I’ll be there before the Hawaii trip in May!

    I’m proud of you sis. You have always dressed so nice. Even when you were bigger. You look absolutely amazing! Love you


    • Jamie,
      That’s awesome you had the motivation to lose some weight, it’s so hard. I know what you mean about being hungry, one thing I try to do and remember is when I do start getting hungry I’ll drink some water. That way you feel a little fuller and the hunger subsides for a little bit. That is awesome you’ve lost 10 lbs., keep with it. Thank you for the encouraging words, you’ve always said nice things to me, even when I didn’t feel them myself. Love you too!


  6. Thank you for your kind words. I can’t imagine being called those things at such a young age. It is extremely hard to change you attitude about yourself if negative things are all you hear. I’m happy you got motivated enough and changed your life for the better. I love that you are now helping others achieve their goals. It’s very true, body language says more than words do. Thank you for the advice!!


  7. Unfortunately, this can apply to men as well. Because of my mother’s emotional issues and unhappiness with how she viewed herself, she deflected upon both my sister and I. I spent most of my childhood being told I was “fat”, “disgusting”, “pathetic”, and that “no woman would ever love me until I lost weight”. Like you, I became motivated to lose weight so much that staying in-shape and lifting weights actually became a passion and something I discovered I loved. I now use that experience to motivate others to achieve the goals they desire. I’ve even considered going to get licensed to become a personal trainer.

    I’ve looked at your pictures carefully and it is easy to look at your face and body language and see where you felt good about yourself and others where you didn’t. Your body language really is a tell. You are certainly a very beautiful woman, regardless of your actual numerical weight. It looks like you have a great husband that sees that as well.

    The best advice I can give to staying in shape is to limit yourself on sweet and processed foods. That doesn’t mean you totally have to cut them out but like everything in life, use them in moderation. Try to limit your carbohydrates and drink a lot of water. Also, try not to eat very late as this is when your body’s metabolism is at its lowest.

    Hope this helps! Good luck to you in your journey and enjoy being a Mom! 🙂


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