DIY Christmas Party Decor

I’m sure you all been anticipating this post right!?  I’m excited about it, but glad the party is over.  It was so stressful, I didn’t sleep much the night before.  I was freaked that things would fall apart and the party wouldn’t run smoothly.  So, if you didn’t see my post last week about the Christmas Party Ideas, you’ll want to read up on that to see what ideas I came up with.  There were a lot.  Now you’ll see what I actually did or if I tweaked things and if the decor fell apart and ruined the party.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, I’m much better at showing the pictures of the party than talking about what I did.  So, here it is…What do you think?!!!

Place setting

This is a close up of the table decorations with wrapping paper and a tulle bow tied the greenery and holly together.

Draped Ceiling

This is probably my favorite picture and this shows the fabulous draped ceiling with tulle and lights. This helped bring the height of the ceiling down and give the room the perfect ambiance with the glittering lights.

draped ceiling 2

Another picture of the draped ceiling and the decorated table with the tulle wrapped chairs with a bow.


Here are the fabulous DIY wire trees sitting on red tulle and wrapping paper board in the background.

Food Table 2

Breakfast Food Table


Band getting ready to perform with the backdrops in the background.

Food Table Backdrops 2


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