Easy to Make Hand Warmers

I made some Christmas Oreo Pops to take around to our friends and neighbors for Christmas, I also made a few hand warmers to give out as well.  They are so easy to make, especially how I made them.  You cut your fabric to the size you want (I did mine about the size of my palm).  Then you sew around 3 sides, I didn’t turn them right side out, I just zig zagged the stitching to make it interesting.  Fill the fabric squares with rice (any will do, I think, make sure not to fill so full so you can’t machine sew the last side).  Machine sew the last side and you’ve got yourself a hand warmer.  Pop them in the microwave for about 30 seconds, and stick them in your gloves or pockets, and you’ll have warm hands.  Next I’ll be posting about a Christmas party I decorated.


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