Decoration Ideas for Christmas Party

I was in charge of the decoration for our neighborhood Christmas party this year.  I was lucky enough to be on a great committee, we all did our parts and did them well.  I think everyone enjoyed putting this together.  I had a lot of ideas, but a small budget of $200.  I know that seems like a lot of money, but when it comes down to pricing things out, things add up fast!!  We came up with the color scheme of red and white, and I wanted it to be classy and have people ooh and aah over everything.  This was also an adult only party, so I knew there were things I could do since there wouldn’t be kids to get into things.
I really liked the idea of decorating the tables like presents.  So, I thought of using plastic table cloths and using some coordinating red and white wrapping paper.  For the long buffet tables, I’d get plastic table covers and use the wrapping paper for a table runner.  I probably will get 3 different patterns of wrapping paper, so it’s more interesting and not all the same.  Seems simple enough right?

I had a couple of ideas for the centerpieces.  I like the idea of wrapping some smaller boxes, 3 at each table and possibly 6 or 9 on the buffet tables (depending on if there’s room).  The other idea is 3 wire trees on each table, I think that it’s super simple and elegant.  For either of these ideas, I’d like to put some tulle on the tables just to help not make it so plain.
We wanted to do a photo backdrop for those who wanted pictures, but also the morning after the party we were haveing a breakfast and you could come see santa.  So, we wanted to make sure we had a backdrop for that.
Santa/photo back drop:
I found a simple and pretty backdrop idea of using a sheet with lights strung across it and tulle in front (to soften) with 3 Christmas trees (2 on one side staggered in size and one on the opposite side, if we can find 3 trees to use).  I’m also thinking we need a small decorated table to put the photo props on.
Those were what I thought would be the most important things we needed to have.  I did, however; come up with several other ideas in case we had a ton of money left over.
Other Decorations:
Ceiling Decoration:  drape the ceiling with tulle and lights, it would be really pretty and bring the ceiling height down and make it feel warm and cozy (I was thinking of not having all the lights on, so there’d be a nice ambiance.
If we still had extra money and time, I thought it would be pretty to tie every other chair with a tulle bow.
We were planning on having live music, I though it would be fun to do a backdrop for the band, it would be the same as the photo backdrop but wider, and maybe a simple banner that says merry Christmas or just plain.
I thought it would be fun to do a place setting with a bow or greenery that is wrapped around the utensils and napkin.
The last thing I came up with was something we could give out as a present.  If we do the wire trees or make a nativity scene.  They are both pretty simple.
There’s a ton of ideas to take in right???  You’ll have to wait and see what decorations I picked out and how it turned out!!!  I’m excited!

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