Christmas Oreo Pops

This year I wanted to make something and take to our neighbors and friends.  It’s the first time doing it, ever!  When I was younger, my mom was always making treats to take to neighbors, so I wanted to try it this year.  I wanted to make something that people would actually know what it was and eat it.  Do you remember the Mummy Pops I made for Gretchen’s birthday party?  These were a huge hit at the party, so I decided to do the same thing.  I just changed up the colors to red and white and didn’t put eyes on them.  These are so easy to make and fairly cheap.  There are a lot of steps, so they take some time to make.  Unfortunately, I only have a picture of one of them, they all got eaten too fast, before I could think about taking pictures.  I did white with red stripes (shown) and red with white strips.



One thought on “Christmas Oreo Pops

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