Mummy Pops

I keep thinking of things to post from Gretchen’s Party, one thing I really loved making and was a big hit at the party were the Mummy Pops.  They are so fun and seriously so easy.  I wish I would have made more of these and less of other food.  Here’s what you need:

-Oreos (use the double stuf, and use at least 1 package)

-White Chocolate (you can buy at any craft store, at least 2 bags for 1 package of oreos)

-Googly candy eyes (I bought a container of these at Hobby Lobby, much cheaper than JoAnn or Michaels)

-Sticks for making suckers

-bag or a squeeze bottle (like a ketchup squeeze bottle)

-brush for brushing off crumbs

So, now that you have all your supplies, you’ll want to warm some of the chocolate in the microwave and dip the end of your sticks in and open each of your oreos and place the chocolate end of the stick in the frosting of the cookie and push gently.  Do this for all your cookies.  Let cool.  After they have cooled take your brush and brush each cookie off, otherwise when you dip your cookies in the chocolate it won’t be white anymore.  Warm more chocolate in microwave and dip each cookie in coating the entire cookie and let extra frosting drain off, you’ll want to put on your eyes at this point before the chocolate dries.  Lay out on wax paper until cool.  When the cookies have cooled, warm more chocolate and put into baggie or squeeze bottle and squeeze onto each cookie.  I just went back and forth zig zag.  Let cool,  then enjoy.



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