Gretchen’s Costume

I feel like I’m going to be posting about birthday and Halloween stuff for a while.  Please bear with me.  When I posted about Gretchen’s birthday party, I forgot about her costume.  Well, all our costumes actually.  So, I was a flapper 2 years ago (in case you don’t know what a flapper is, think Great Gatsby, the Roaring 20’s) and decided I could just use the dress again and the rest of the costume.  I love love love the dresses they wore back then with the fringe, and it moves when you move, so cool!!  Tyson had a few things from a couple years ago to be a mobster gangster from back in the 20’s.  I thought it would be fun to kind of match you know.  So, we couldn’t leave Gretchen out.  I thought about making her costume, but decided it would be much cheaper just to buy it.  I bought a lace romper with the shoulder straps, the necklace is actually Christmas tree beads, and I put together the headpiece (it was cheaper than buying one online, I already had a headband and I only needed feathers and something to cover the tip of the feathers).Us Gretchen Gretchen 2

Here’s a head on shot of the food table.

Food Table 3 Edited\



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