Gretchen’s Birthday Halloween Party

As you know, Gretchen turned 1 on October 28th.  We decided to celebrate with a Halloween costume party a few days before that.  I decided that since I’ve never (can you believe it!?) hosted a party, like a real party before.  A lot of people make a huge deal out of their kids 1st birthdays, so I thought I would too.  I decided on the color scheme black, green, orange and purple,  I started planning several months before the party and about 3-4 weeks actually making the decorations, games, and food.  Yes, I did it all.  I wanted it to be perfect and since most of the people coming to the party are from out of town I didn’t want anyone to bring anything because it is so hard sometimes making food and bringing it hours away hoping it doesn’t get ruined.  I also wanted the party to be relaxed and fun.  So, I did it all myself and finished the afternoon before the party so we could hang out with family that traveled out on Friday and early Saturday for the party.  I think for the most part everyone had fun, and it was fun to see all the different costumes people came up with.

Gretchen has a hard time with large groups of people and loud noises like loud clapping and cheering, so she cried a lot.  She was super tired too.  I had my niece Emilee hold Gretchen while I was filling up the food table, and she was so cute with her.  She got her to stop crying.  Here are a few of Gretchen from the party.

These first pictures are of the cupcake table.  So, the backdrop is literally a plastic table cloth from the dollar store cut and tied.  I didn’t really think it through when I found this idea.  It took over an hour to cut each of these and there are 4!!  The pictures were kind of last minute, I found something similar on Pinterest and loved the idea.  The picture prints were about a $1 and I got the clothes line clips at Wal-Mart $1.88 for 100.  I really hate shopping at Wal-Mart and don’t want to support them, but sometimes when they have stuff so much cheaper, it is worth it.  I couldn’t find a really cute or cheap cupcake stand, so I made that too.  I just bought different sized plates at DI and found some glass candlestick holders at the Dollar Store.  Painted them (don’t use the $0.97 spray paint from walmart) and glued them together.  There are also some pom poms hanging on either side and the little ones on the table, they are made out of tissue paper, and so easy to make and they are so cute to decorate with.  I almost forgot about the cupcakes, those didn’t turn out as cute as I had hoped, I glazed them instead of frosting them because I hate frosting most of the time, it always makes me sick.

The food tables backdrop is similar to the cupcake table one.  I used the same Dollar store table cloths but did 3 colors and tied all together.  I have this amazing cutting machine called a Silhouette Cameo, it is expensive, but so worth it.  I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago and thought I wouldn’t use it very much, I use it all the time!!!  It makes perfect cuts.  I used my Cameo to cut out the “Happy Birthday” banner.  I think this was my favorite part of the whole planning process, I think it turned out so cute!!!!  It doesn’t help that I used polka dot either (I love polka dots!)  I’ll have to see if I’ve got some more pictures of this table, because you can’t really see all of the food.

My center pieces and the mummy pop holder are made out of formula canisters that have spray adhesive and glitter on them (I did 3 or 4 coats, it really doesn’t take much glitter) with painted branches and Halloween decorations on them.  I didn’t realize until after I picked the colors that they would look like pumpkins, brilliant!!!  I used green confetti paper to cover the top of the canister (don’t forget to put a floral foam in there so the tree stands up).

I made some lime popcorn and put in little Halloween sacks, a veggie tray, chips and salsa, apples and carmel dip, chocolate covered and sprinkled pretzel rods, mummy pops, and apple cider with little straws and flags.

Here are some pictures of the party itself…


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