Gretchen’s 1st birthday

It’s been so long since I last posted, but I do have a really good excuse.  My sweet sweet baby Gretchen is turning one tomorrow.  When people say, the time goes fast, it is more than true.  This last year has flown by, and so many new things have happened with having a baby.  People weren’t kidding when they said your life changes after you have a baby.  Totally true too!  It’s seriously been such a good change, I have really loved this last year, and I can’t complain either because I may have the best baby in the world.  From day one she has been such a sweetheart and such a good baby.  With minimal crying (except at her birthday party, sorry everyone), sleeping through the night, and being happy most of the time.  We have truly been blessed and are so happy and grateful to have her in our lives, she has taught us to love unconditionally.  I’m happy that she is a happy girl, because she makes me happy.  There is almost nothing better than to hear her giggle and laugh.

We had a combined birthday and halloween party for her on Saturday, and we are so grateful for the love and support our families and friends have shown us by coming and having so much fun at the party.  Especially since most of our family lives several hours away.  Thank you, thank you.  I will have a post later in the week about the party, you won’t want to miss it.

For now here are a few pictures of Gretchen the day she was born through now.  She has changed so much, I am sad to see baby Gretchen go, but excited for her to grow and learn and play.  Gretchen’s birth story.


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