Out with the Old in with the New: Part 2

We not only changed out our bathtub faucet, we also did our kitchen sink faucet as well.  The old one was leaking, old, and ugly, so we decided it needed an update too.  One thing I HATED about the kitchen faucet was you couldn’t put a variety of sizes of pots under it to fill them up by setting them on the middle thing.  The faucets at all the hardware stores were all kind of pricey too, at least for the look and quality.  I wanted something more modern, but not too modern (our house isn’t super modern, so I didn’t want to get a faucet that didn’t fit the house).  We found one on amazon that we loved and it has a tall curved neck so I can put pots under it now!!!  This project was much easier than the last one, I don’t think we ran into too many problems.  Except everytime the water gets turned off for a project like this my bladder decides it is full. :/  Here’s a before and several after pictures.


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