Stretch Bow Headbands

These are my last items I made for that huge project I was working on.  Now that I look at all the pictures I keep thinking that it wasn’t that big of a project, it just took me forever to finish.  Then I remember, I had almost double of each fabric.  One for a gift and one for Gretchen :).  These were really easy to make.  I just took long strips of fabric, about 1 1/2 times the size of baby’s head and about 3-4 inches wide.  Sew that length wise and turn.  it’s really easy to turn if you put a safety pin on one side and push it through.  For the bows I cut out 3 rectangles for each headband, about 3, 4, and 4 1/2 inches lengthwise and about 4 inches width wise.  I’m just guessing from memory, so if you’d like to make these let me know and I can give you better measurements.  I sewed almost all the way around these and left a space to turn right side out.  Then I ironed all the bows so they’d lay nice.  I then measured baby’s head, and cut enough elastic and put through the headband part and sewed, then overlapped the headband fabric a little bit and sewed shut.  I took 3 bow pieces and where I sewed the headband shut, I sewed on the bow.  I took a small piece of extra fabric folded it, so it wouldn’t fray, wrapped around the bow part and hand sewed.  A lot of steps, but super simple.

Some of these turned out so much cuter than other ones, I think some headbands ended up wider than other ones.


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