Pinspiration…Interior Design

It’s Monday!!!  Do any of you dread Monday? I do, to me it means we go back to reality and Tyson goes back to work and school :(.  I don’t dread it nearly as bad as when I had a full time job, so that’s nice.  I think even if you love your job, some days it still is hard to go to work.

Speaking of work, I’ve almost got my new website up for my business Elate Designs.  I just got an email the other day for the final look through, and let me just say…I am so excited for it! I’ll post it when it’s finished.  I’m also getting some official business cards, and I’m very excited for those too!!!!  If you’d like to know more about what kind of work I do see my services tab.  I’m very easy to work with and my prices are very affordable.  If any of you are looking for someone to do your website, business cards, or any type of graphic design, let me know because I’ve got a fabulous graphic designer I’m working with, he is super talented.

Oops, got a little side tracked.  Today’s pinspiration comes from several boards I have on pinterest, they all have to do with interior design though.  There are a lot of pictures but it’ll be worth it to go through all of them, they are all fun, interesting, or beautiful.

This first set has to do with products and interesting ways of using cheap items and they don’t look cheap!!!  I know that’s what I love, cheap but not cheap looking.

This set features ideas of how to change things you already have, or adding to what you have.  Most of these ideas are super simple and don’t require a lot of time and money.

This last set features what I love and may want for my future home.


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