Pinspiration…Clothes and shoes (with a couple quotes thrown in there)

Today’s pinspiration post has mainly clothing items.  If you know me at all, you’ll know I LOVE shoes and jackets/cardigans (they complete the look).  I’ve also gotten some fabulous ideas on how to put together a wardrobe from Real Girl Glam.  She’s got some really great ideas like get rid of what doesn’t fit you, either too big or too small.  Do you ever watch What Not To Wear?  I love that show!  I learned from Stacey and Clinton that even if you want to be a couple sizes smaller or to say that you fit in a smaller size, don’t do it.  You will look so much better if you dress in the size you fit in, even if it is bigger.  It’s a true fact!


I found this quote that I love because at least for me I’m usually not very confident in my decisions, not only decisions but for me as a designer, my design ideas or my work.  It’s true, that you will not look to others for confidence in yourself or things you do as long as you are confident yourself.  Anyone else struggle with that?

Some of these don’t need any explaining because they are amazing, but some do and you can click through each of them.

Last quote, it’s always good to have a positive attitude, things always go better that way.



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