Pinspiration…Random Ideas

It seems lately that my posts have come in spurts, I haven’t been very consistent.  I could come up with all kinds of excuses, some are pretty fair excuses.  I’ve been doing a project/projects for over probably 2 months now.  I got way too obsessed about making diaper covers, headbands, and bibs and I’m still not finished.  Between birthdays, and my husband starting school, doing fun family activities the last 2 weekends, trying to keep my newly crawling baby out of everything,  and now planning her birthday party.  It’s been hard trying to get a lot finished, it’s good to be busy though.

Sometimes I get lured into Pinterest when I just want to look for a few minutes, then it turns into hours (okay I don’t think it’s been hours, but still a long time), does that happen to you ever?!  That was another excuse for not blogging last week :/.

Anyway, back to the post…these are some random things I pinned last week that I really loved.

If you want links to all of these, find me on Pinterest here.


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