Tyson’s 30th Birthday

For Tyson’s 30th birthday I wanted to do a surprise party for him, but since we live so far from family, I knew the turnout wouldn’t be great.  Technically we went to Portland for both our birthdays, but I still wanted to do something special for his.  I knew he wouldn’t have a great day because he had to work 10 hours and then go straight to class until 8.  At his job now, he works on circuit boards and at home he likes to use them to build things.  I came across some circuit board cakes on Pinterest (by accident), and thought it would be a brilliant idea.  He’s not a super fan of cake so I decided to use a big piece of chocolate instead and this is how it turned out…since he LOVES candy, I thought he could eat all the candy I didn’t use on it.

I found another idea on Pinterest, called “30 years of memories”.  I facebooked and texted people people he was friends in high school with all through people we are friends with now, and of course  family.  I asked them all if they would send a memory or something they admire about him.   There were several people who did more than 1 memory and I was super grateful.  I typed them all up on a 4×6 piece of cardstock and stuffed them all in envelopes so he could read each of them.  It turned out really well and he really enjoyed it.  Thanks to everyone who participated!!!!

Please ignore the really bad pictures, the lighting was horrible…


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