Portland Road Trip….Day 3

We woke up early the next morning (August 17th).  One of the reasons Tyson chose Portland is because of Burnside Skate Park.  It was originally built without the city’s permission under the Burnside Bridge.  They built it under the bridge so it could be skated at anytime and it wouldn’t be wet if it rained.  It is also under the top 25 best skate parks in America.  A few other interesting facts: It is featured in one of Tony Hawk’s skate board games, and there are a lot of pro skate boarders that come and skate it.  I asked Tyson if he’d ask for a picture if there were any pro skateboarders that were there.  He said that’s not how it is with skateboarders.  We didn’t see any pro skateboarders, too bad.

We stopped for an hour or so at Burnside and Tyson skated it up.  It was awesome, but smelled like cat pee really bad.  Tyson had a bad crash, and says he probably got syphilis from it.  So far I think he’s okay though.  The skate park was originally made out of wood and later they built a concrete one, he met a guy that helped build the concrete one and that was pretty cool!!!  Here are some pictures…

This is a pictures of the Burnside bridge that has the skate park under it.

The next place we were going to go was a tour of the Gordon House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, he is a very famous architect.  I was so excited to go see the home, but when we called to schedule a tour they told us there was a wedding that day and it was closed and we couldn’t go the next day because the tours were all full.  I was totally bummed, actually way more than bummed.  That was the one thing I was really looking forward to, I love architecture and I learned about Frank Lloyd Wright all through school.  Here are some pictures, his style is out of the Arts and Crafts era.  There was a lot of wood work in his designs.

Instead of that we decided to go downtown and hit up a skate shop and then walk around and eat lunch.  Tyson heard about a tram ride that goes over the city and only takes a few minutes.  We decided to do that and it was really fun and we were able to get some really good pictures of the city.

My favorite part of the trip was the ocean.  It took us about an hour and a half (seemed longer) to drive there.  It was so pretty, blue sky’s with white puffy clouds, and dense trees all along the highway.

Tyson decided we would go to Cannon Beach, because it was a less busy beach and it has some amazing views.  We walked around Cannon Beach (the town) and looked in all the shops, then ate dinner.  That took longer than we had hoped.  By the time we got to the beach it was almost sunset, it was foggy when we got there, but by this time most of the fog was gone, and the sunset was seriously so beautiful, never seen a sunset like that, and with the giant rocks in the background.  Breathless.  Best part of the trip hands down.  We both wish we’d have come earlier.  We sat Gretchen in the sand to play, she didn’t like it very much.  Then we went out and stood in the ocean, it was sooo cold but awesome.  We stayed at the beach until it was past dark, then reluctantly headed back to the car.


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