Portland Road Trip…..Day 2 Part 1

Day 2…we thought about staying in Boise and going to an Art Museum or the Botanical Gardens, but decided we just wanted to get on the road and get to Oregon.  We were excited.  So, we were off…6 hours is a long drive and needless to say I drank too much, so we stopped a lot.  It was probably good though because Gretchen needed to eat, get diaper changes, and just get out of her car seat.  We were so lucky because she was so good the whole trip.  I’m glad we brought the kindle so when she’d start getting fussy we’d put on a movie or Mickey Mouse.  These are pictures of how happy she was at one of the stops.

These pictures are from a viewpoint in Oregon called Deadmans Point.  We finally started seeing trees and mountains.

These are just between Boise and Portland.  We were disappointed to find out that half of Oregon is just as dry and sagebrushy as Utah is…We saw so many windmills, they were like windmill farms.  It looked very cool!  Sorry the pictures suck, all of these are while we were driving and the windshield and windows were dirty. :/

As we got closer to Portland the greener it got, and as it got greener more trees.  We also saw several tree farms that went for miles.

Our next stop was about 30 minutes outside of Portland at Multnomah Falls.  We heard from a friend that it has an amazing waterfall and it’s right off the freeway.  It was literally right off the freeway, they weren’t kidding!!!  Because of this, there were sooo many people.  Although there were a lot of people we were able to see the water fall and get some really good pictures.  So pretty…It even had a bridge that you could walk to and get a better view.  It was amazing!

On the way up to the bridge we saw that all the trees were covered in moss,  I loved how green it was!

There were also train tracks that you walked under to get back to the car, cool but scary and loud.  I loved this sign!!!


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