Portland Road Trip…..Day 1

I would have loved to spend my birthday day in Portland, but Tyson didn’t have enough days to take off for our trip to be that long.  So, we left on my birthday instead, not a big deal, I knew the weekend would be epic.  We headed out about 5 that night and drove to Boise and stayed overnight.

I thought farmers out here in Utah were serious about their farming, but those farmers up in Idaho don’t mess around.  Their fields were HUGE, seriously huge!!!  We also passed what looked like a cow farm and we saw the most hay we have ever seen in our lives!!!  Too bad I didn’t get a picture.

There were a few fires in Idaho and the sunset was so pretty because of that.  Here are a few pictures of the sunset.

Here are some pictures of the hay fields…

We stayed in Boise that night and the drive wasn’t bad, only 4 hours.


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