Need Carpet but don’t know what to get!?

Buying carpet can be a really hard decision, it costs a lot and it’s something you’ll have to live with everyday.  It’s hard to know what you’ll like or what’s best for your home.

There are a few things to know before you decide on the style of carpet.  It is a good idea to know what fiber type you’d like.  There’s polyester, nylon, poly/nylon blend, olefin, or wool.  If you decide on polyester or nylon you can get a filament or staple carpet.  A filament means it is one strand of fiber throughout the entire carpet piece, this means there won’t be a problem with shedding and it’s a better carpet.  Staple on the other hand means exactly that, it is stapled to the backing of the carpet, this makes for a lot of shedding and it’s not going to last as long.  This type of carpet is going to be cheaper than the filament.  I would definitely recommend the filament.  If you aren’t sure which it is, try to pull some of the fibers out, and you’ll be able to tell which it is.

Back to the fiber type, polyester is very stain resistant and super soft, so if you have kids or animals that is a good choice or if you’ll be hanging out on the floor a lot.  Nylon wears extremely well, it is usually much rougher than the polyester, and it is usually more expensive than polyester.  Polyester Nylon blend is the best of both worlds, it is both soft, stain resistant, and wears very well.  It is more expensive than polyester and nylon.  Olefin is a loop pile carpet and it wears very well, although it doesn’t naturally spring back up as well as other carpets.  This is used a lot for outdoor use.  Wool wears extremely well, but it is very expensive.  I think wool is used for rugs more than actual carpet.

Someday when I have my dream home, I want the poly/nylon blend.  I’ll just have to save up for it.  All styles of carpet come in polyester or nylon because they are the most popular carpet fibers.  I’m not sure how popular the poly/nylon blend is, so it may not be as available.

Patterned Carpet:  This style is usually a cut and loop pile carpet, it has a medium durability.  This can be used in high or low traffic areas.

PatternsBerber CarpetThis style of carpet is a loop only, because of this it wears very well and you don’t have to worry about it flattening like other carpet.  This carpet wears very well in high traffic areas like hallways or stairs.


Plush:  This style of carpet is very thick and the fibers are twisted very tightly, because of this the carpet wears better and the fibers will spring back up after being stepped on.  This carpet comes in one color or multi color.

Frieze (Shag):  I worked at a flooring showroom a few years ago and frieze was very popular.  At first I really loved it, but I realized that it doesn’t wear as well as any of the above styles.  It does look cool, but it flattens very easily especially in high traffic areas.  If you are installing this carpet in your home, I would recommend not putting it in hallways, stairs, or entry way.



I hope this post was all pretty straight forward, if you have questions. You can respond below or email me at



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