Bungalow Home Redesign

I recently worked with a client in Ogden that needed some interior design work done.  I only had the chance to come up with an inspiration board for her before she told me she was moving out of state and wasn’t going to do anymore updating on her bungalow before she sold it.  I was disappointed because she had a lot of different collections that would have been fun to display.  She collects barn lanterns, flour and burlap sacks, flasks, tobacco tins, and hello kitty wallets.  She had already remodeled several rooms in her home, she just needed some direction of how to display her collections and wanted to update her fireplace.  She had recently replaced all the windows in her home and kept all the old windows, so I really wanted to display some of those in her home.  She really wanted to keep the integrity of the home and not change it completely, and she wanted anything displayed to mean something.  I really loved this about her design ideas because I usually find something I like and use it and it doesn’t have any real meaning to me.  These are some pictures of her home.  Her home is very eclectic, it has a modernized kitchen, but it also has a vintage feel because of her collections and the actual home.

Inspiration boardInspiration Board copy


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