Baby Jeans Revamped

Although this blog is primarily for interior design, I have been doing a lot of DIY projects lately.  This is mainly because I have a 7 month old baby, and love making things for her.  I got these jeans from my sister and they were a little large for my baby and the legs were way to wide for my liking.  After I revamped them, I realized that it is much easier to get those wiggly legs into the wider leg jeans.  This was the first time I’ve fixed any jeans, so I was a little nervous.  I should have done some in between pictures, but forgot.  The crotch of the jeans were so low, pretty much to Gretchen’s knees.  I have another pair of skinny jeans that I used as a guideline.  I took some off of the inner legs and the crotch of the pants and it helped a lot.  I also had to take off a little on the hips because they were still a little wide.  If you are interested in doing this yourself or have questions because my written explanation wasn’t very good.  just message me.


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