One of the Best Days

Yesterday was one of my favorite days since Gretchen was born.  I’ve realized that some days I don’t spend a lot of time with Gretchen because I’m cleaning, running errands, doing crafts, or something else.  There is nothing more important in this life than spending it with the ones you love.  Yesterday I decided to put off most of the cleaning that needed to be done and just play with Gretchen.  It was an awesome day with her.  We spent time practicing sitting down and laying on our bellies, we played with lots and lots of new toys (thanks to Karlyn and Deni), Gretchen spent some time napping on me (she has learned to fall asleep in her bed by herself, so it was fun to cuddle her while she slept), I sat close by while Gretchen played in her bouncer.  She is always in a good mood during the day, and yesterday she was especially happy.  She has been able to laugh for several months now, but I never grabbed my phone to video it because she will stop and just stare while getting a picture or a video.  Yesterday I got her giggling so hard and for a long time, so I got my phone and videoed it.  Later that night Tyson got her laughing and we got a few more videos.  She has the cutest laugh ever, sorry the videos are so long but it was soooo incredibly cute.  She is the sweetest baby you will ever meet we are so happy and blessed to have her in our lives.  We love her so much.


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