Almost 5 Months

It is crazy how fast time goes, I can’t believe that our sweet little Gretchen is almost 5 months.  It’s been a while since my last post, so this will be a picture and video purge.  She finally learned to roll over by herself, after a lot of practice.  She still LOVES chewing on her hands, and likes to gag herself.  She has laughed several times, but never does it long enough to video.  She still loves TV, I found a Mickey Mouse show that she likes to watch, and it keeps her entertained while I’m cooking dinner.  She likes to spit a lot, I even have a video of her crying and spitting.  She has learned to grab her feet and holds them all the time even in the bath.  She loves her baths, and calms right down once she hits the water if she is fussy.  She likes when we put her feet on her face, for some reason it is soooo funny to her.  She has really started liking toys in the last few weeks.  I started her on rice cereal last week and she is really starting to like it, but she has to “talk” the whole time she’s eating.


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