Almost 3 Months!!!

I can’t believe that my sweet baby Gretchen is almost 3 months old.  It has gone by way too fast, and she is growing like a weed.  Here are some recent pictures of her.  She has been making “cooing” noises for several weeks now.  She can put her hands in her mouth, and she really likes chewing on her fingers.  She can fake cry to get our attention.  She is holding her head up very well.  She grins all the time, especially when she gets what she wants.  She likes watching tv and movies.  She loves music.  She’s almost grown out of her newborn size clothes, but too small for the 3 month clothes.  She is starting to stick out her tongue, and sometimes tries to mimic what we do.

 She gets really mad when she’s hot, so made she screams bloody murder.  She is super layed back, she’s a super chill baby (we love that about her).  She has been sleeping through the night for about 2 weeks straight.  Hope you all enjoy the pictures of her.


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