Crochet Ear Warmer

Here’s a little background story to this post.  Christmas Eve I stayed up late with my sister  Jamie to talk, and while we talked, she was making a crochet case for a kindle.  Then a few weeks ago the young men and young women in the ward crocheted some beanies to give to the cancer center here in Logan.  Tyson made 3 beanies, between this and my sister crocheting, it made me want to start crocheting.  My mom got Karlyn and me into 4-h when we were younger and we learned how to crochet.  I’m left handed but do a lot of things right handed; so when I was learning, my teacher taught me how to do it left handed.  I can only imagine how hard it was for her to teach me, I’m sure she had a lot of patience.  I only crocheted a few small things, probably because doing something big made me bored quick.  I took me a minute to remember how to crochet, it’s been years since I’ve done it.  Here’s the first project, the flower was much more complicated than I thought it would be, so I kinda did my own thing.  Not super excited how big the flower turned out, but pretty good for my first project.  If your interested in anything crocheted check out CrochetByJamie on Etsy, she has super cute things on there. 


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